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Belthorn Forest Education

Who says all your learning needs to be indoors?

Welcome to our Forest Education at Belthorn

Belthorn Forest Education is a child-centred learning process, providing learner-inspired, hands-on experiences in the natural environment.
It’s creative. It helps increase confidence as children problem-solve. It helps our children work as a team, learn to manage risks.
Forest Education encourages children to explore the natural environment and learn in it.

What is Forest Education?

Meet our Forest Education Leader

Mr Griffiths holds a Level 3 Forest School Leadership Qualification, and leads this aspect of our school curriculum.

“Two years ago, along with my class at the time, I took part in some research for the University of Central Lancashire. It was led by a professor who was also a parent at school. The research was based around how being ‘in nature’ affects a child’s general well-being.

“Once back in school, children completed various tasks including making music, art and explaining how they felt. I know the importance of being outside and how it can make a huge difference to overall happiness. I became passionate about trying to bring as much outdoor learning into Belthorn as possible.

“We are in an amazing location and if felt that leading forest education sessions was a ‘no brainer’ for our school, and having the support of the team, I set out on my Forest Education journey, gaining my level 3 leadership qualification.”

Loving the great outdoors

  • “The children in year three have worked as a team and really looked out for one another. I have loved seeing them help each other over the fences and work together in completing the tasks when we’re down at our site.”

    Mr Griffiths

What to expect

Forest Education Activities

Our children love taking part in Forest Education. We complete activities such as fire lighting (which we used to boil hot water for some hot chocolate), whittling, erecting shelters, making leaf mobiles and tying knots.

All these activities have benefits both physically and mentally. From the walk down to our forest – for improving fitness and testing resilience – through to climbing fences and styles, which needs physical strength.

During the sessions, there have been plenty of opportunities for the children to explore. This provides the opportunity for role play, self-discovery and a place to find peace and quiet. Children use the time out of the classroom, some taking quiet reflection time, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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