'Lighting the Sparks'
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Our Vision and Values

Lighting the Sparks Every Day

Our school is a happy, safe and nurturing environment where each child is valued. We have high academic standards where every child has access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We value our strong partnership with parents who take an active role in the education of our children. Our staff are a highly committed and caring team who work hard to ensure no opportunity is missed to promote and extend our children’s learning.

Our vision is ‘Lighting the Sparks’ and we strive to achieve this by living and breathing our school values.


We know the impact of a happy and warm school. Being happy can be contagious. It’s why we start every day, and go in to every situation, with a positive attitude. We know the power of a compliment, and we’re keen to show each other, by providing warm and encouraging feedback.


We know that kindness can brighten a day. It can turn a bad situation into a good one. As a school community, we smile, we share, we encourage one another. We go out of our way to help and support others, aware of the impact we have on each other.


It’s important every member of our school community feels safe. That means creating an environment where our children and staff can be protected physically and mentally. It means offering the space and providing the opportunity to talk in confidence. We create a safe place to express views without fear.


We celebrate diversity, different view points, different cultures, different interests. We champion equality among our children, and empower our children to be proud of themselves and others for their achievements.


What better way to live our school vision of ‘lighting the sparks’ by empowering and encouraging our children to think big and chase their dreams? We encourage one another to spend time on the things they enjoy, share interests, and take respect in caring about what we do, whether that’s in school or at home.


What’s the art of the possible? What happens when we try something new? Being ambitious is being encouraged to step out of our comfort zone, aiming high and working hard. We bring in visitors from different careers and different walks of life, and show the size of the world and the opportunity that exists. We challenge ourselves and we challenge each other, encouraged to try new activities, things we didn’t think we’d be capable to do.


Confident is about being happy in our own skin and having courage in our beliefs. It’s about having the strength and courage, in a supportive environment, to face fears and take on new challenges. It’s about not being afraid to try out new activities or taking on and completing a task without the need for validation.


Being resilient is about seeing growth and learning opportunities even when things don’t go our way. That can mean when things get tough, we keep going, and we draw off our amazing school community and our complementary values to help us push forward. It’s about embracing a positive attitude and trying again, embracing failure, and knowing it doesn’t define us.


Every member of our school community is important. We’re a diverse bunch and it’s our individual views, outlooks and our diversity that makes up the rich fabric of our school. Our children aren’t just a number in the school – we forge relationships with each and every one, as well as their families. The combined energy and effort of our children and staff make our school days extraordinary.


We demonstrate respect in all that we do. We listen and consider others’ views, knowing that there are different opinions and outlooks. We are proud of our school and that emanates in all we do – it’s visible in our sense of belonging. From the warm welcome we give visitors, through to our conduct with friends and staff.

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