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Our Growth Mindset Heroes

Belthorn Learning Superheroes

Created by our children, our Belthorn Learning Superheroes have powers like no other. Driven by our values and a growth mindset, they represent the best of us.

Be-cooperative Cara

A group of children were in a PE lesson when their teacher set the task of getting from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor using only 2 mats. The teacher gave them no input and said they needed to work as a team. For a while the group struggled, bickering and falling out about how would be best to do the task. One of the children decided to tell the teacher that they didn’t understand.

She called in Be Cooperative Cara who swooped in and decided to help. She listened to the others and explained how she would do it. Another child disagreed with her opinion but was kind about it. They tried lots of varieties of ways of travelling across the room, being tolerant of other ideas and decisions as they did. Eventually they found a good method and communicated well to one another, beating the rest of the teams in the race!

Don't-Give-Up Dennis

Rosie was given some challenging maths work by her teacher because her teacher knew the importance of challenging work. She felt really worried about how challenging the work was. She sat down at her desk and looked at the work and she knew she was going to have to work really hard. Luckily, her friend Don’t Give Up Dennis was sat by her and helped her with some strategies. Rosie had a really good go and used brain, book, buddy, boss. She still struggled after using his brain, book and buddy so asked her teacher for help and teacher was really pleased that she had used brain, book, buddy first. After she had some help from her teacher, she tried some new strategies and she kept going and persevering. All the time Don’t Give Up Dennis was helping her too! She even took a little brain break to improve her concentration and then started again. Rosie refused to give up because she knew he just needed to keep practising.


Sophie was in a PE lesson when her teacher asked her to have a go at catching a small ball. Sophie was a little worried because catching was new to her especially with a small ball! Luckily Have A Go Hannah was flying by and swooped down to help. She always encourages others to try and enjoy new things and to use their growth mindsets to help them. She just knew she had to have a go or she’d never be able to improve her catching skills. She wasn’t worried about dropping the ball anymore because Have A Go Hannah explained that mistake making is important and common when learning something new. So, her partner threw the small ball to her and it slipped right through her fingers. Her teacher shared some good ways to catch a ball and Sophie put in so much effort and tried super hard so that she could improve. When Sophie was trying to catch the ball, she didn’t always follow the ball with her eyes instead she blinked them shut. Have a Go Hannah helped Sophie to realise that this was a mistake that she was making- but that’s okay because it’s how we learn! So, she tried hard to keep her eyes focused on the ball because she knew she had to learn from this mistake. So, she kept on having a go and she ended up catching more balls the more she practised.

Concentrate Charlie

It was a gloomy Tuesday morning and Year 3 were about to begin their maths lesson learning all about fractions.  Excitedly, the children sang their times tables song as part of their starter.  After their teacher had finished her explanation, the children started their work.  However, not everybody had been listening carefully to the teacher’s instructions.  Unfortunately, Freddy had been too busy watching the rain pouring outside.  Freddy tried to begin his work, but he found it too difficult.  So, he decided that he needed a drink from his water bottle, at the back of the classroom.  Sadly, his drink didn’t help.  Freddy noticed the other children had completed their work and were beginning their maths challenge.  In a panic, Freddy tried to start his work but there were too many thoughts in his head, and he didn’t know where to begin.  Freddy was about to give up when suddenly, the classroom door burst open and in swooped Concentrate Charlie.  All the children gasped, and the teacher dropped her whiteboard pen on the floor.  Concentrate Charlie marched over to Freddy and said, “Learning is my superpower and I can help!”

Concentrate Charlie shared his super knowledge of how to concentrate.  He explained that Freddy could try to ignore any distractions to help him listen better and plan out the best way to complete his work.  Concentrate Charlie also told him that if a task seemed too big then he could break it down and do one thing at a time.  He suggested drawing diagrams or jotting things down to help.

Concentrate Charlie smiled at Freddy, flung his red cape over his shoulder and disappeared through the open classroom door.  This time, Freddy looked at his work, thought about it for a few minutes and then he knew exactly what he had to do- finally he got lost in the task!

Be-Curious Chloe

Year 4 were out for playtime. Out of the corner of his eye, Freddie noticed a tiny silver flash of something sticking out of the ground by the bushes. That afternoon during History, he wondered what it could be. His teacher had shown him lots of treasures that other people called archaeologists had found in the ground and he couldn’t wait to get back outside to get a closer look. The next day, Freddie gathered his friends around the mystery artefact. “what if it is treasure?” said Freddie.

“What if it’s the end of a silvery sword?” asked Billy, “the kind you fight tyrants and monsters and dragons with.”

“I’m not sure.” Explained Sarah “What if it’s the top of an alien spaceship left over from an invasion?

She gave the silver item a little press with her finger and listened to it give a slight crackle back.

Milton had been standing nearby trying to remember where he’d seen something similar before. Suddenly he had a thought. “What if it’s a star that’s fallen out of the sky?”

“Or the top of a huge diamond?” added Millie as she skipped speedily past.

All day, the children wondered what this mysterious item was. They tried to think of possible reasons for it being there. They decided it would be best if they went home and tried to find information about silver things that crackle and stick out of the ground.

The next day there was a visitor in school. It was Be Curious Chloe. She was an expert in finding things out because she always knew the right questions to ask. She was interested in everything and was always trying to work out how things fit together including clues.  She liked to look for patterns and connections. She listened carefully to all the ideas and decided to take a look for herself. As she stood and looked, and listened and poked and prodded, her curiosity took over. She knew what it was.

Elegantly crouching near the silver object, she took hold of a corner and pulled.

“Is it a sword or an alien spaceship, silver treasure or a fallen star or a huge diamond?” Everyone was desperate for their idea to be the right one.

“No,” giggled Be Curious Chloe, “it’s just an empty crisp packet.”

All the children laughed together. When they went home they lay in their beds and all wondered… what if…?

Keep-Improving Connor

Jack was in an Art lesson and was asked to draw a giraffe. He had a good go but when he looked back at his work, he knew something didn’t look quite right. He couldn’t work out what it was so he asked his friend- Keep Improving Connor. Thankfully, his friend was very helpful and pointed out the best bits and one bit that could be improved. Jack then went back to the task and reviewed the part that could be improved. He also noticed that the neck was actually too long. With this in mind, he made a second draft of his giraffe and tried to make it look better than his last attempt. After he finished the second draft, he asked another friend to look at his work. Jack then took some more small steps to improve his work. Suddenly the bell rang for break. On his way out of his class he caught sight of all of the other giraffes that looked accurately drawn. Luckily, he knew not to compare himself to others and instead was proud of the progress he had made. The was proud of the small steps he had made thanks to Keep Improving Connor. He enjoyed his playtime.

Use-your-imagination Ivy

One day, Tom was sat at the back of his history class, intently watching his teacher pace the carpet at the front. He was supposed to be creative and draw a scene from medieval times but could not think up any new ideas, or questions to ask the teacher. He sat there, pondering about metal armour and catapults.

Tom called for Use Your Imagination Ivy. “Let your imagination go,” Ivy called. Tom’s imagination grew into a vision that showed him knights in shining armour with swords and shields (Even some with maces). Many things flew by Tom, including:

Blacksmiths, Castles, Catapults, Drawbridges, Moats, Horses, Armour, Flags, Helmets, Swords, Shields, Dungeons

Tom observed their beauty and detail on all of these fascinating medieval items- he had so many questions to ask! They all danced around like actresses in a play and seemed to be acting a scene out. He watched swords clash and catapults fire for what seemed like hours.

Tom – who had had enough by now – told himself to wake up. Now he knew exactly what he was going to draw; he had so many new ideas. He was going to draw… a battle with knights riding horses. Immediately, he set off drawing his art.

At the end of the lesson, he was complimented by his teacher on his creativity and learnt to let his imagination grow just like Use Your Imagination Ivy.

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