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Little Bells

Summer Term 2023


Is the outdoors the place to be?

This Topical question gives the children ample opportunities to explore the outdoors due to the hopeful summer weather. We will be outdoors for the majority of our learning as we conclude our final term in Little Bells, we will understand our outside world and exploring aspects such as growing and animals (dinosaurs included). The children will have inquisitive mind-sets through our exploratory learning styles and such varied opportunities to learning. We will also learn about different cultures and religions through our set RE days in school.

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcome (Tuesday 11th July 2023)
As graduation approaches, the children are going to make decorations for the graduation presentation. This will help the children to consolidate the year(s) they have had in Little Bells and show the progress they have made.

WOW morning event (10th May 2023)
For our WOW event, we are going to be flying on Belthorn airlines and arrive at a  destination in our lovely outdoor area. The children will have refreshments as we fly and the children will be shown pictures of where they are arriving. As we step off the aeroplane, the children will enter out outdoor area which will be transformed into a lovely, holiday location.

Specific Areas


In this aspect of the EYFS curriculum, we are going to be exploring ourselves and what we like. We are going to take the create term question and think about what we prefer as individuals; respecting that other people may have different views. In addition to this, the children will continue developing their personal emotions and be able to implement strategies independently to control how they feel.


Communication and Language is an area that is used widely throughout early years in everyday provisions and sessions. The children will continue to expand their vocabulary and use longer sentences during a conversation as we change our learning topic weekly. As we remember what we have been doing from week to week, the children will be able to have a conversation but have the ability to change conversation.


As we follow our GetSet4PE scheme of work, the children will be learning new skills of gymnastics and ball skills. The children will continue to learn and process their personal space and their hand-eye coordination. The children will explore the concept of balancing for their gross motor skills and use their fine motor skills the children are going to learn to weave materials in and out of thin holes.


Our books this half term will link to our topical work of the week. We use our books to plan provisions and some of our activities in class. As it is summer term and we questioning the outdoors, a lot of our focused texts will be based around aspects if outdoor learning. The children will be able to sequence a story and they will be able to retell a story with ease. Over the past two terms the children have been making the most wonderful marks, most children being able to form nearly all their letters. We will continue to focus on this as we link it to our Phonics scheme, Little Wandle, too. We will be focusing on books such as; “What the Ladybird Heard on the Beach”, “The Singing Mermaid” and “Sharing a Shell”.


In this area of learning in the EYFS curriculum, we are going to be focusing on patterns and measure. The children with ease should be able to create a simple AB pattern and have a brief understanding on ABC patterns. For measure most children will be able to look at two containers and estimate which will hold the most amount of liquid; some should also be able to explain why before putting this to the test!


What will we create?

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design is used daily in Little Bells as it is what the children love to do the most! The children thoroughly enjoy painting, using chalk, gluing/sticking and cutting different items to create a wonderful creation. During our summer term the children will use different materials (outdoor materials) within their creations and use items from outside to make different colours. The children will also use larger outdoor equipment to create different types of constructions either individually or through the use of team-work and leadership skills. As a whole school, we will be learning a song and a dance to represent the performing side of music. This will be a fabulous opportunity to boost the children’s confidence and express themselves musically.

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