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Little Bells

Spring term 2024


What grows like a beanstalk?

The question for our explore term is ‘What grows like a beanstalk?’ which helps link to our lovely focus for the term of traditional tales!

This unit is lovely to teach as the children show such enthusiasm and passion towards the different tales. The children will explore with our enhanced provisions surround these tales as they love to act out the tales with masks. The children will complete lots of fun and engaging activities this term, some adult-led and some independent, as we encourage independence as soon as they walk in the door!

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic outcome
Stay and play (1) – welcome to our Traditional Tales!

Stay and play (2) – New starters welcome and end of our topic question!

Wow day
What grows like a bean stalk? Traditional tales theme.

Read different traditional tale and have tables set up as different craft stations


–          Red Riding Hood

–          Gingerbread man

–          Three Little Pigs

–          Jack and the Beanstalk

Spring trips
Special visitors every week to read!

(Teachers, Parents, Office staff etc!)



Prime Areas

In Maths this term we are going to be learning about shape, measure and patterns. This again is a really fun unit to learn about as this can be taught/learned in so many ways! The children will learn through rhyme and through physically making the shapes/patterns/exploring measure. Prior knowledge of our numbers (1-10) will also be referred to each day through our routines! Counting is a very important factor and we want the children to really understand how important numbers are.

Understanding the world
Understanding the world is a lovely area of learning to explore within this term as we can use so many of our focus texts to support this! The children will be able to access a range of resources that we may see in our focus texts which helps and supports our understanding of what is truly around us in our world! The children will continue to explore the weather each day, as well as look at different building materials, look at differences between materials and also start to show interest and ask questions about where they live.


Literacy within this half term is a heavy focus due to our question linking to our well-known traditional tales.

We will read throughout the term:

–          Little Red Riding hood

–          The Ginger bread man

–          The Three Little Pigs

–          Jack and the Beanstalk

–          Goldilocks and the three bears

And many more!

Each text will be our focus for two weeks to ensure we get the absolute potential out of the stories to support our early years reading and love for literacy!

Physical Development

This term we will be focusing on dance and how we can express ourselves through movement and music! We will use the tales to show our movements as well as learning new dances! The children will need to use their listening skills to follow the beat and time of the music, as well as listening to instructions to keep them safe. The children will learn a range of skills through this unit which may support them throughout their other areas of learning.

Personal, social and emotional development

This term we have children who know our routines, our expectations and made fabulous friendships/relationships! This term we have some new children starting who will make new relationships and learn about our routines and what pre-school is all about! The children will play alongside one another within our structure and enhanced provisions and also learn skills such as sharing and exploring feelings in deeper details. The children will gain a deep understanding on their likes and dislikes to make choices to support themselves. We will see children progress at different time periods at this stage as some children are in their pre-school year, with others who are just starting out! We will see confidence grow in a variety of ways and responsibility take place too.

Expressive arts and design
For this explore term the children will be exploring a range of materials and have many opportunities for the children to put different materials together in a variety of ways. The children will use real life materials (junk-modelling/natural building materials) to make their creations. The children will also explore the use of music to which can be used in stories to help us show the change of dynamics in tale! The children will be able to freely explore with musical instruments in a range of ways which will be supported by adults from time to time.

Communication and language

Communication and language is something that the children will build on each and every day! The children will be able to communicate at different points (carpet sessions, provisions, activities independent/with adults) The children this term will explore more vocabulary and they will be introduced/exposed to a rich range of vocabulary too! The children will be able to pay attention for longer periods of time and also take time to converse with others (peers and staff). The children will also ask lots of questions to support their understanding on ‘how/why’ things happen.

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