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Autumn Term 2023


What makes me unique?

This term, The Bears will focus on learning a wide range of skills across the EYFS curriculum. We will be focusing on a finding out about our families, who lives in our house, pets, different celebrations and what makes us unique. We will talk about our differences and celebrate them. Learning will be based around understanding the world. Children will learn about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. Concepts we will be covering: · Tradition · Kind · Resilience · Conflict

How we'll be doing it...

Wow day
Autumn 1 – A wow morning visiting Belthorn park looking at changes in the environment. Autumn 2 – Wow Christmas themed day, a visit from Santa, Christmas singing and winter arts and crafts.

Authentic outcome

As well as developing skills, the children will work towards an authentic outcome which is designed to encourage real ownership of their learning. Autumn 1 authentic outcome will be for children to invite their parents for a stay and play to show them the classroom and see some of the work they have been doing. Autumn 2 authentic outcome will be for the children to practise and perform a simple nativity for the school…..and yes! Of course you’ll be invited.

Autumn trips
This year we will be taking a trip to a winter wonderland near Christmastime.

Prime Areas & Specific Areas

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Children will see themselves as valuable individuals. The concept words we are focusing on for PSED are conflict and resilience. Children will be able to express their feelings and consider the feelings of others. We will introduce our school superheroes and learn about each superhero.

Physical Development

In PE the children will be learning how to make meaningful and coordinated movements both large and small. They will also start to use some basic apparatus to build core strength and gross motor skills. Welly walks will be discovering environmental changes. We will continue to develop the skills needed to manage the school day successfully; lining up, mealtimes and personal hygiene.

Communication and Language

Children will understand how to listen and why listening is important. We will share our carpet rules and learn why we have rules in place. Children will use a wider range of vocabulary as they are encouraged to discuss their thoughts, experiences and actions as they play.

Specific Areas


Our focus stories are; The Gruffalo and The Colour Monster. We will also be sharing many other stories throughout the weeks to immerse the children in different worlds and grow their imaginations and love of reading. In phonics, we will be practising our listening skills through sound walks, musical instruments and listening games, before getting stuck into learning new phonemes and graphemes that will help them become confident and independent readers.


Maths this term is focusing on numbers 1 – 5, we will be counting objects, actions and sounds. We will focus on a number each week and playing games focused on that particular number.

What will we discover?

Understanding the world

Children will use all their senses in hands-on exploration of natural materials. Children will take about what they see, using a wide vocabulary. They will have opportunities to go outside in all weathers to experience changes in the environment. As they explore, they will look at and compare different animals as well as their own physical differences and similarities.

Expressive Art and Design

Children will have opportunities to explore music, remembering and singing entire songs, create their own songs and play musical instruments. They will gain experience of creating art with paint, pencils and crayons and even clay!

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