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Year 1

Autumn Term 2023


Was the past a blast?

This term the Lions will be exploring the questions ‘Is the past a blast?’. The children will be revisiting the past and looking at major events such as the Great Fire of London, COVID, coronation of King Charles as well as looking at the impact of the major historical events both within living memory and beyond living memory and the people that influenced them such as the first moon landing and the first flight.

How we'll be doing it...

Wow day
Thursday 7th September 2023

The children in Year 1 will be going back in time through the time machine and investigating different artefacts and events in time. The children will devise lots of questions and wonder for the topic ahead.

Authentic outcome
The children’s authentic outcome will be to perform an assembly to parents and carers showcasing their terms learning.

Autumn trips
Pantomime Friday 1st December 2023



This term in literacy we will be focussing on the stories Elmer, The Three Little Pigs, Cops and Robbers and Peepo. The children will be working on lists and captions and building up their sentence structure with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children will be continuing with their Little Wandle Phonics and reading journey throughout the whole of Year 1.

This term the children will heavily focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and shape.  There will be lots of opportunities for practical maths as well as lots of problem solving and reasoning aspects. The children will really solidify their knowledge of number to 10.

This term in science the children will mainly focus on animals including humans, plants and will discuss the topic of seasonal change which will be revisited at many key points throughout the year.

In animals including humans the children will labels parts of animals and humans and identify similaries and differences. The children will use their five senses to interact with different objects focussing on how important our senses are.

In seasonal change the children will observe the world around them and notice how things change over a whole year i.e plants, weather, climate and hours of daylight.

In plants the children will begin to name common plants in and around the local area and be able to name key features of simple plants.



This term Year 1 children will develop their knowledge of growth mindset and to determine the different of a fixed and a growth mindset and how a positive growth mindset can be used effectively when carrying out school or out of school tasks.

Also children will develop their knowledge of families and relationships and how families can be different, what is a positive friendship and how issues can occur in relationships and how these can be overcome.


Year 1 will continue to develop their physical skills. We will be focusing on dance, yoga, team building and fitness.

Throughout these units the children will develop their agility, balance, coordination both individually and with others. The children will be taught to perform dances using simple movement patterns. Within team building and fitness children will learn to engage in competitive and co-operative physical activities both individually and with others. The children will learn to master running, jumping and throwing and catching.


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs.

Our questions this year is: What do people say about God?

Over the net term we will cover Christianity and Judaism.


This term Year 1 will be developing their computer skills and knowledge of technology around us. The children will be interacting on the laptops by saving, retrieving, editing and typing on documents. They will also be interacting with digital painting by developing the use of drag, drop and clicking to have increased control over a programme.


This term in Art children will be focussing on mark making. They will be given their sketch book and will deveop the skill of observational drawings using a range of materials and resources such as pencils, chalk, charcoal, pastels, felt tips and pens. Children will develop the skill of editing and improving and using ‘Austins butterfly’ the children will develop the resilience to keep improving their art work and to take on board feedback from peers to develop their creations.


This term the children will be creating a wooden spoon toy as a gift for someone in their family. Based on the children knowledge of toys from the past the children will create a simple wooden toy using skills such as designing, constructing and evaluating. The children will use different material choices and choose the most appropriate method to join the materials together such as glue, tape or staple.

This term children will enjoy a series of music lessons based around pulse, rhythm, dynamics and tempo. The children will explore a variety of music sharing their opinions.

The children will use their voices and instruments to maintain pulse and rhythm both individually and with others.


This term Year 1 will continue to develop their handwriting skills by forming letters and number of the correct orientation and size on the lines.


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