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Year 1

Spring Term 2024


What can we find if we take a closer look?

This term we will have a large focus on Geography. The children will focus the majority of the term about Belthorn by gaining a greater knowledge for what human and physical features are around them daily.

The children will build on their knowledge of the world by developing an understanding for Kiambu in Kenya. Throughout the journey through the unit the children will gain many map skills by understanding keys, compass directions and creating their own simple maps.

The children will develop their questioning skills as their knowledge and understanding of the world develops and their owe of the world is explored.

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

Building on knowledge gained throughout the term the children will create their own treasure hunt throughout the village which can be completed by families during the Easter holidays.

Wow days

Children will have a day exploring different places of the world.

Each lesson will focus on a different place in the world. The children will be asked to come to school dressed as a country of the world.

Spring Trips

This term we will go on a trip to Blackburn Cathedral to explore our Christianity RE days.

Core Subjects

In maths we will be focusing on place value (within 20), addition and subtraction (within 20), place value (within 50), length and height and mass and volume.  The children will apply their previous knowledge to work on greater numbers. They will be working with lots of different concrete resources such as numicon, cubes, tens and ones and number lines to help them develop their knowledge and understanding of number.


Our focus for the first half term will be materials and the second half term will be animals.

Within the materials unit the children will be learning about different types of materials and describing their properties. The children will then move on to apply this knowledge by deciding what materials and suitable for different purposes.

Within the animals unit the children will identify and name a variety of common animals and identify carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


Our focus for the first half term is health and wellbeing. Within this unit the children will learn in detail about their emotions and how important it is to look after their body by getting good amounts of quality sleep, knowing how to relax, keeping themselves clean and healthy and who helps them to stay healthy.

The second half term focus is safety and the changing body. The children will learn about adults in school, adults outside of school and their role in looking after them, knowing what to do if they get lost or in an emergency situation, what appropriate contact is,  what is safe to put on or in their bodies regarding substances, how to avoid dangers at home and which people in their local community do to help keep them safe.


This term the children will be building on their team working skills by working heavily with partners and as small groups to complete challenges. The key to success is good communication between each other. The children will work with children they may not always choose to work with.

The children will be building on their invasion game knowledge by developing their quick thinking and knowledge about attacking and defending when working as a team at ball games.


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs. Our question this year is ‘What do people say about God?’

Over the term we will cover: Buddhism and Christianity

This term in computing two units will be covered. The first unit is interacting with Hour of code whereby the children will build on their knowledge of algorithms and understand how to locate a bug and then debug the programme to allow the algorithm to work smoothly.

The second unit is data and information – grouping data. The children will learn to identify groups and create labels for their groups. The children will work unplugged and on both the iPads and laptops.

Literacy `
This term the children will focus on two texts. ‘The tiger who came for tea’ and ‘Peace at last’. The children will build up their responses to text by building on knowledge of vocabulary, inference and retrieval skills as well as developing their skill for writing. The children will continue to build up sentence structure and handwriting to build towards innovating texts. On their writing journey the children will carry out short genre writes by writing invitations, diaries, adverts and instructions in response to the two chosen texts.

The children will build on their design and technology knowledge by interpreting a brief, designing an item, making and evaluating both in cooking and sewing.

The first half term the children will concentrate on sewing. They will make a puppet for Little Bells children to help them with their story telling skills. The children will practice their running stitch and apply their joining skills from earlier in the year by using gluing, stapling and their new skills of sewing.

In cooking the children will research and make a healthy snack for a member of staff from in school. The children will interview a grown up and make a healthy snack based on their likes, dislikes and allergies.

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