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Year 2

Summer Term 2023


Can you create the feeling of Hakuna Matata?

This term the Giraffes will be exploring the questions ‘Can you create the feeling of Hakuna Matata?’. The children will get their creative juices flowing and look at feelings in depth and how music and art can change someone mood or depending on mood a piece of art or music can be created.

How we’ll be doing this?

The children will be focussing on the concept words

  • Creativity
  • Pride
  • Beauty
  • Dreams

Year 2 WOW event

The children in Year 2 will be planning a small activity to carry out with our EYFS children to help them develop their feelings and emotions. The will work as a team to design a small activity and then they will carry it out with a group of children. This will help them to plan for a purpose and help to develop the EYFS children’s emotions.

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

The children’s authentic outcome will be to hold a class festival. The children in Year 2 will be asked to dress in bright radiant colours and a whole celebration will take place including, music, dancing, singing and arts and crafts to help reflect on feelings and moods. The children will work together as a class to plan and name their day’s festival.



This term in literacy we will be focussing on the stories The Twits and Aladdin. The children will be reflecting on all of their knowledge they have gained throughout the year to write a selection of fiction and non fiction texts.


The first part of the term Year 2 will be looking at fractions, time, statistics and position and direction and then they will be consolidating the following topics within the Year 2 maths curriculum:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Money
  • Length and Height
  • Fractions
  • Shape
  • Time
  • Statistics
  • Problem solving

Within all of our maths learning, there will be elements of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.



This term the children will focus on three key areas of art drawing, painting and crafting.

During the drawing unit the children will build on the knowledge gained in Year 1 and further develop by suggesting ways to draw a word through marks, use relevant language to describe how an object feels, suggest ways to create different textures through drawn marks, freely experiment with different tools, describe and then draw shapes that make up an object, use good observational skills to add details to their drawing, use an interesting range of marks that show an understanding of how to draw different texture, make sketches, which may be of basic stick-like figures or may imply more shapes, develop sketches into a character, with some support, adding details to enhance their character, demonstrate an understanding of how drawing facial features in different ways conveys expressions, recount a story and select key events to draw and create scenes from their own imagination, with some support.

During the painting unit the children will name the primary and secondary colours, talk about the colour changes they notice, try different tools to recreate a texture, show they can identify different textures in a collaged artwork, apply their knowledge of colour mixing to match colours effectively, choose collage materials based on colour, try different arrangements of materials, including overlapping shapes, give likes and dislikes about their work and others’, describe ideas for developing their collages and choose materials and tools after trying them out.

During the crafting unit the children will sort map images into groups, explaining their choices, draw a map of their journey to school, including key landmarks and different types of mark-making, follow instructions to make a piece of felt that holds together and resembles their map, decide how to place ‘jigsaw’ pieces to create an abstract composition, make choices about which details from their map to include in a stained glass, design a print with simple lines and shapes, making improvements as they work, follow a process to make and print from a polystyrene tile, choose a favourite artwork, annotate their favourite artwork with relevant evaluation points and take an active part in decisions around how to display their artworks in the class gallery.


This term Year 2 will be looking at economic well being and safety and changing bodies. During the study of economic well being pupils will learn where adults get money from, the difference between wants and needs, recognise that saving might be necessary to buy the things we want, explain that banks are a safe place to keep money, consider different factors when choosing a bank account and recognise that different jobs require different skills.

During the study of safety and changing bodies pupils will learn to understand how the internet can be used to help us, understand what a secret is and what a surprise is, know the name of parts of the body, including those of the private parts for their gender, explain the PANTS rule, understand how to keep safe near roads, explain the rules for crossing the road and understand when we should take medicines that can help us feel better when we are unwell.


Year 2 will continue to develop their physical skills. We will be focusing on dance,  athletics, striking and fielding, ball skills and target games.


RE at Belthorn explores a variety of religions, beliefs and traditions. Children will have the opportunity to discuss their own and understand other peoples’ beliefs. This allows them to gain a better understanding of the world around them and show the importance of acceptance.

RE in Year 2 focuses on: How do we respond to the things that really matter?

During this term, children will discover:

  • Sikhism – Does worship help people?
  • Buddhism – How and why do symbols show us what is important in religion?
  • Christianity – How and why is celebrating important in religion and worship?
  • Islam- Does worship have to happen at a special place at a special time?
  • Humanism


This term will be looking at photography and PowerPoint skills. The children have briefly looked at PowerPoint earlier in the year so they will be applying and developing their skills to add motion and audio to their slides.

During photograph the children will explore and appreciate the world around them through photography. They will learn to take portrait, landscape and macro shots of their environment. This project prepares children with the skills required when they’re framing shots to create a moving image.


This term Year 2 will continue to develop their handwriting skills by forming letters and number of the correct orientation and size on the lines. The children will be introduced to joined up letters.

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