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Year 3

Summer Term 2024


Would you rather stand out or fit in?

This term’s learning will focus on art and design. The children will be exploring a range of botanical drawings. They will also be looking at artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Maud Purdy to draw natural forms. They will focus on the main concepts of shape, line and repeating patterns. The children will get a chance to analyse a range of artwork and also to apply techniques and create their own artwork.

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

To set off our Art and design topic this term we are going to go and do some observational drawing. Within the first 2 weeks of the term we will be heading out onto the fields to draw some landscapes. Finger crossed for nice weather!!!

WOW day

Create a wallpaper/background for their school ipad. This will be designed in our art sessions and will then become their background for their school ipad for the rest of their time at Belthorn!

School trips

Our end of year fun trip will be to Bewilderwood.


English and class novels

Over the summer term we will be looking at 2 class novels;

Call me lion by Camilla Chester

The accidental prime minister by Ben Allen.

We will be exploring a range of narrative and non- narrative text features in order to produce our own writing. We will focus on biographies, letters writing and story writing and aim to use some of the specific text features to write our own.

We will continue to focus on the use of punctuation and more specifically focus on the use of inverted commas to indicate direct speech.


In maths this term we will cover a range of concepts; mass and capacity, fractions, time, money, shape and statistics. The children will use their place value and number knowledge and apply this to a range of different contexts. Within fractions the children will focus on equivalent and non-equivalent fractions and how to recognise these. Within the shape unit we will focus on a angles.


Forces and magnets

Within our science learning this term we will look at how forces are pushes and pulls that can move, stop or change. They will also use magnets to identify some magnetic materials. They will begin to understand that magnets have two poles. The children will carry out a range of investigations to support their understanding.


As the weather will hopefully be improving we will aim to get out and about in the playground to explore the plants and living things growing. The children will learn to name the main parts and describe their functions. They will also start to understand that plants make their own food.



The children will explore how children’s rights help them and other children. They will consider the responsibilities that adults and children have to maintain children’s rights.

Economic well being

Within this unit the children will become more familiar with money and the range of feelings that money can cause us to feel. They will discuss the different attitudes people have to money and the impact spending can have on other people.


We will focus on 4 different areas of PE this term; Hockey, Cricket, Handball and Athletics. The children will learn how to send and receive a ball in hockey and in cricket. They will also learn how to intercept. They will learn a range of techniques in order to attack and defend. Throughout these units the children will develop their coordination, team work skills, communication and perseverance skills.


We have our last 4 RE days this term. These are;

Islam, Sikhism, Humanism and Hinduism. The children will have the chance to build upon their prior knowledge and skills from previous years.


Creating media- desktop publishing

During this unit, children will become familiar with the terms ‘text’ and ‘images’ and understand that they can be used to communicate messages. They will use desktop publishing software and consider careful choices of font size, colour and type to edit and improve premade documents.

Hour of code

We will continue to use our coding programme to develop our skills of identifying and debugging algorithms. The children have some prior learning on this so will be able to use this as stepping stones to develop further.


This term in French we will be looking at using I can/ I am able to statements. They will also be learning the words used to identify and describe a range of shapes.

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