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Year 3

Summer Term 2023


Would you rather stand out or fit in?

This half term is our ‘create’ topic where we will have a large focus on art and music. Our question for this term is ‘would you rather stand out or fit in?’.



How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

In art, we will be practicing our drawing skills, including shading, blending and applying tone. We will also be creating sculptors and 3D shapes using different media and doing lots of crafts and designing. This will all link to our question and concepts and will provide the children will opportunities to decide whether they would prefer to stand out or fit in.

During music, we will be focusing on traditional instruments and improvisation as well as pentatonic melodies and composition.

Wow day

Creating mood boards about ourselves



This half term the children are focusing on the story ‘Rubbish Town Hero’ by Nicola Davies. The children will be exploring language, grammar and punctuation. They will have chances to write a variety of different texts including fiction, non-fiction and poems that link to the text.


In the first half term, the children will focus on fractions, money and time. These are some tricky concepts to understand and the children will be applying their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout. In the second half term, the children will learn about shapes and statistics.


The children will be focusing on plants this half term and looking at the function of them. They will look more in depth at the requirements of plants for life and growth and explore different life cycles, photosynthesis, pollination and fertilisation. In Summer 2, the children will recap learning from throughout the year, carrying out investigations and developing their scientific enquiries.


The children will be focusing on citizenship and economic wellbeing.


We will be focusing on dance with links to our topic. We will also complete the cricket, handball and athletics units


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs.

Our question this year is: Who should we follow?

Over the next term we will cover Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Humanism.


This term we will be creating our own news reports and being film producers using iMovie.


In French, the children will be continuing to develop their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. They will be focusing on the units ‘I can / Je Peux’ and ‘Shapes’.

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