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Year 5

Autumn Term 2023


What’s Great about Britain ?

This term’s topic is History based. We will explore a range of significant events from the past and the people linked to them. There will be a focus on Britain through Victorians and links with the western world war, Battle of Britain, Anglo Saxons and Scots settlements.

Our local History study will be Victorians and how Lancashire was at the heart of the cotton industry.

How we'll be doing it...

Wow day
WW2 day. Children will experience what The Blitz would have been like, they will make shelters, hear stories from the war and even look at some primary sources from WW2.

Authentic outcome
Assembly will be delivered to parents about learning this term.

Autumn trips
Jodrell Bank – link with Space Topic.  Village walk



In the first half term, the children will focus on place value, addition and subtraction and fractions. We have a class target of multiplication. Children should know times tables up to 12.


The children will be focusing on plants this half term and looking at Living things and their habitats. Children will learn life cycles of various plants and animals as well as exploring how animals have adapted to survive. Children will also learn about space and light. Within this topic we will visit Great Britain’s largest observatory  at Jodrell Bank.


Growth mind-set unit. Children will learn how we can practice using a growth mindset and strategies we can use to improve our resilience. In year 5 we will also explore families and relationships. Within this topic children will discuss, debate and work in groups.


Our PE topics this term are; Hockey ,Fitness, Netball and dodgeball. Within these subjects children will practice, teamwork, resilience, how to look after our bodies and the benefits and importance of eating a balanced diet. Each lesson will teach new skills in active fun lessons.


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs.

Our question this year is: Where can people find guidance in their lives?

Over the next term we will cover Christianity and Judaism.


Children will explore coding in the Autumn term. Children will practice working as a team, using a growth mindset, working independently and problem solving. We will use maths skills to make programmes, debug and create simple games.


In French, children will continue learning new vocabulary, building sentences and practice their, and listening. The children will learn; colours, animals, days and months and names for family members.


Children will look at the work of British artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy and LS Lowry. They will practice their observational drawings and look at how architecture has changed in Britain.

We will be planning, researching and making different types of bread in our DT topic. Children will look at how the industrial revolution helped produce bread on mass. We will make different types of bread for our families to try.

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