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Year 5

Spring Term 2023


Do we always appreciate everything we have got?

This term, Year 5 will focus on learning a range of skills across the curriculum. Learning will be geography based looking at current issues in our world such as climate change.

Year 5 will explore new concepts including:

  • Consequences
  • Media
  • Stewardship
  • Care
  • Trust

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

This term, year 5 will work towards an authentic outcome, this will encapsulate a variety of subjects. In our class we will look at local issues and other problems in our wider world. We will write letters to various companies about asking how they are helping with climate change and other issues that affect our planet.

The children will also make short news reports which will be added to the school’s Facebook page. Fly tipping is a constant problem in Belthorn which the children could address through the use of media.

Core Subjects


In literacy the children will make non chronological reports related to different types of Biomes around the world. The children will also write persuasive letters to companies who produce single use plastic like coca cola.


In response to the question of ‘Do we always appreciate everything?’ – concepts such as care and stewardship will be a prominent feature during these lessons.


In science we will look at we can use aspects of STEM to work practically. The children will look at Climate change and learn how science can help slow down the effects of climate change. We will also study forces and material changes.


In Maths the children will be looking at multiplication and division before moving on to fractions once again. Fractions is quite a tricky topic so there will be extra support and work uploaded to Showbie.


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs. In year 5, the RE question is ‘Where can people find guidance in their own lives?’ In response to the question of ‘Do we always appreciate everything?’ – concepts such as trust and care will be a prominent feature during these lessons.

What will Year 5 explore?


In geography we will study South America and the impact deforestation has had on our planet, biomes, ocean currents, central Africa and the mining of cobalt and our eco-system.


Although this term is geography based we will look at the changes that have happened to our planet through time. We will discuss and debate about whether modern developments have been beneficial for our world or would we have been better with less changes.


In PE our topics are; Football, Boxercise, Dance and Gymnastics.


In DT year 5 will make a special box for something precious to someone. Linking with our concept ‘stewardship’ our boxes will be made to keep whatever item safe.


The children will design and make digital artwork. The artwork will include elements of climate change and make people question their own carbon footprint. These posters will be posted online.


Children will use ICT to create digital artwork about our ‘Carbon Footprint’.  Children will use video editing software to create videos about climate change.

We will also look at recording our own music which will be played behind presentations about climate change

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