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Skipping workshop day- whole school

Wednesday 19 July 2023
  • Summer term
  • Extra Curricular

Skipping workshops

The skip2bfit workshop on the 19th July 2023. Classes will have 30 minutes at a time or two together for 45 minutes and we also like to have a final 15 minute assembly at the end of the day for Skip2bfit to hand out prizes. In the Skip2bfit sessions the instructor will talk to the children about why it is important to exercise and what happens to the body when you exercise. The children are shown how to do a basic skip and then shown a demonstration of what can be achieved through practice. The children are then warmed up and have a go at skipping. We have our own CD with music to motivate the children, the music is timed for 2 minutes so the children know when to start and stop skipping. At the end of the 2 minute piece of music there is the sound of a heart beat and the instructor asks the children to put their hand on their heart and they will feel their heart beating. There is no better way than for children to understand what happens to their body when they exercise than to feel the effect.